film projects

To date, My American Dreams has made six powerful videos about young immigrants from the North Bay; these have been continuously shown on our local Northern California PBS station (KRCB) and are now currently being shown on various PBS stations nationwide. We have also shown the videos during presentations on immigration law and policy at many community events throughout the North Bay and around the country.

We have also completed our 30-minute documentary "The Only Home I Know." airing on KRCB and PBS stations throughout the United States beginning in November, 2017. Watch it here.

The Only Home I Know Documentary


Future films

If you would like to share your story about living in America without documentation we would love to hear from you.

other completed films

Diego and Giovanni

This film focuses on two young men, both children of immigrants, Diego and Giovanni, who are lifelong friends. Each attended high school and Sonoma State University together, but one was born in this country and one was not.



This film centers on Adrian, an undocumented college graduate. Adrian's work ethic has taken him very far. As he says, "my parents taught me".


Meet Denia Candela, the star of "Diary of a Dreamer"

A mother's story of tenacity as she battles her immigration status to overcome impossible odds and excel through education. Denia is currently the president of Latino Leaders at Sonoma State University & the Children’s School Advisory Board, she is also an active member of the Actuary Society at SSU. Denia plans to continue to make an impact in her community driven by her passion and commitment.


Maria de Los Angeles

Our fourth film tells the impressive story of local artist and community leader, Maria de Los Angeles.


Hurdles - Two high school students making a difference in their community

This film tells the stories of two Sebastopol high school students trying to contribute to their community inspite of their undocumented status.



Watch our 30-minute documentary!

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