Film Projects...

Diego and Giovanni

Our first film focused on two young men, both children of immigrants, Diego and Giovanni, who are lifelong friends. Each attended high school and Sonoma State University together, but one was born in this country and one was not. The film is pretty compelling and got thousands of views on Facebook in the first week it was posted. Hundreds of people have re-posted the video on Facebook since December. The film is visible on YouTube, Facebook, as well as our Northbay DREAMers website.

At the debut screening of this film at the Human Rights Commission of Sonoma County, Giovanni and Diego spoke eloquently about the DACA law and the change it had made in Diego’s life.

Adrian Reyes

As an undocumented college graduate, Adrian's work ethic has taken him very far. As he says, "my parents taught me".

Film Projects...

Meet Denia Candela, the star of "Diary of a DREAMer"

A mother's story of tenacity as she battles her immigration status to overcome impossible odds and excel through education. Denia is currently the president of Latino Leaders at Sonoma State University & the Children’s School Advisory Board, she is also an active member of the Actuary Society at SSU. Denia plans to continue to make an impact in her community driven by her passion and commitment.


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About the Project..

In conjunction with the Sonoma County Human Rights Commission, KRCB, and many other schools and community groups, our non-profit, all-volunteer project is telling the stories on television, in film, in the media and on line of the many thousands of young people in the North Bay who have obtained legal status from this law, known colloquially as DREAMers. The goal is to provide insight to ordinary Americans into the accomplishments of many of these DREAMers and into the lives of families who live with undocumented status here. We hope to help put a human face on the millions of undocumented young and old people living in the United States.

Among other things, we have created a website (www.My American and Facebook page that already has many followers, where profiles of the DREAMers are posted and a How-to-Apply page helps young people wishing to submit new applications for status under the law. The links are below. These DREAMers profiles are also being published in the bilingual newspaper, La Voz

Protesting to be Americans

We are also producing short film profiles for distribution on our local public TV station, KRCB, and hopefully many other public television stations throughout California and possibly the US. The multi-media approach would allow for presentation on TV as well as in theaters, on the internet, on display in museums, public buildings, and other appropriate venues, in print media, and in book/booklet format for use in schools and other institutions. We have the participation of KRCB, the award-winning public television station based in Santa Rosa and broadcasting throughout the North Bay.

The first two films have been broadcast more than 75 times on KRCB throughout 2015 and we are releasing it to other public TV stations soon across the country in September. It has also been widely circulated on YouTube and Facebook.

Another partner in the project is the The Working Group, a 501c3 non-profit film production group with a 25 year history of producing progressive films about civil rights and community topics, including Not in Our Town and We Do the Work. Rhian Miller, a founder of The Working Group, is spearheading the effort.

So, you can see there are some exciting developments. As the election season progresses, it’s obviously important that the American public understand the importance of the DREAMers law in the lives of the 750,000+ young people who rely on it. That is what this Project is all about.

Maria de Los Angeles

Our fourth film was released on January 12th of 2016 and tells the impressive story of local artist and community leader, Maria de Los Angeles. In conjunction with KRCB PBS TV, California Humanities Council and the Sonoma Human ​R​ights Commission we had a special viewing party in Santa Rosa were many DACA supporters came to see the film.

Maria was present and brought along much of her artwork that was exhibited through out the event for all to see. Those in attendence were also able to her Maria's story on how DACA has changed her life.