We currently have an open call for DREAMers
who would like to share their story...

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The multi-media approach would allow for presentation in film format as well as on the internet, on display in museums, public buildings, and other appropriate venues, in print media, and in book/booklet format for use in schools and other institutions.

We welcome your participation in our DREAMers
Documentary Film and Multi-Media Project.

  1. Be on Our Web Site
  2. Be in the Film
  3. Volunteer

If you are a DREAMer from Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino or Marin Counties, and you would like to be featured on the website or film please contact us at contact@myamericandreams.org

If you are interested in volunteering, we need volunteers to conduct interviews, take photos and write profiles of DREAMers on the website or for the film. We do offer training to volunteers. Please contact us and let us know what part of the project you would like to participate in at contact@myamericandreams.org

Girl DREAMer at School